How do I stay safe dur­ing out­door win­ter ac­tiv­i­ties?

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In a nut­shell: Layer up, check the fore­cast, take care around ice, and head in­side when you feel cold. Dress in loose, non­cot­ton lay­ers, in­clud­ing a hat and gloves. (The space be­tween the lay­ers helps hold in heat.) On windy or snowy days, or when the temps dip below 0°F, con­sider stay­ing in, and have a backup plan for in­door ac­tiv­ity. If you must go out, wear a wa­ter­proof and wind­proof outer layer, and be sure to cover your face, head, and hands to pre­vent frost­bite. Wear wa­ter­proof boots with grooved soles (or wear mi­crospikes) for trac­tion, and avoid pave­ment that looks wet or dark, which may be icy. Be sure to pro­tect your di­a­betes sup­plies, such as in­sulin and me­ters (in­clud­ing CGMs), from freez­ing temps. In­sulin doesn’t work as well af­ter it’s been frozen (it should be thrown away), and many me­ters need to be at least 40°F to func­tion. If you need to carry sup­plies out­doors, place them in an in­ner pocket so they stay warmer from your body heat, or use an insulated con­tainer.

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