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The An­drea Do­ria was Italy’s largest, fastest, and most op­u­lent lux­ury ocean liner, and barely three years old when she set sail from Genoa on July 17, 1956. She and the Norse­man met their fates eight days later, roughly 50 miles south of Nan­tucket in a fog bank. On the night of July 25, a smaller Swedish cruise ship, the MS Stock­holm, col­lided with her, punc­tur­ing the An­drea Do­ria amid­ships with the bow and caus­ing her to cap­size and sink in the morn­ing hours of July 26. Mirac­u­lously, just 46 of the 1,706 pas­sen­gers and crew aboard the An­drea Do­ria lost their lives in the col­li­sion—along with five crew aboard the Stock­holm, which, although heav­ily dam­aged, did not sink. The re­main­der were res­cued, but all the cargo aboard—in­clud­ing the Norse­man—sank in 260 feet of North At­lantic wa­ter. In the 62 years since the wreck of the An­drea Do­ria, the site has be­come a fa­vorite spot for ad­ven­ture-seek­ing scuba divers, but the Norse­man has never been lo­cated in the wreck­age.

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