Revvers were a one-yearonly re­lease for the Hot Wheels’ 1973 lineup. Slightly larger than the nor­mal

Hot Wheels car, they were also somewhat self-pro­pelled. Un­like the 1973 Siz­zlers, which were bat­tery-pow­ered, Revvers were rub­ber-band-pow­ered. They were de­signed to use two rub­ber bands that were con­nected front to rear un­der­neath the ve­hi­cle and were wound by ro­tat­ing a rub­ber wheel at­tached in the back. You had to roll the wheel across the floor five or six times to wind the rub­ber bands, and then you pulled the roller out to lock it so that the rear wheels didn’t spin un­til you were ready. Then you set the car down, pushed the rear of the ve­hi­cle down to un­lock it, and off it went!

There were 10 Revvers mod­els, which con­sisted of eight ve­hi­cles and two ac­ces­sory ve­hi­cles. The ve­hi­cles were sold sep­a­rately, and the ac­ces­sories came as a two-pack that in­cluded other Hot Wheels ve­hi­cles. As with all other Hot Wheels, there were track sets to race your friends. Re­port­edly, four track sets were pro­duced: “Race Trap,” “Ro­bot Ramp,” “Speed Streek,” and the “Revver Speed Run Test.”

The Race Trap and Speed Streek sets are the most com­mon; the other two be­ing somewhat of an anom­aly. I’ve never seen the Ro­bot Ramp set or even pho­tos of it, but it has been listed in some pub­li­ca­tions. The Speed Run Test set is not that well known ei­ther and is not listed in most pub­li­ca­tions, but I do have pho­tos of the box and con­tents of this one. It’s quite pos­si­ble that both sets were pre­pro­duc­tion and never re­leased pub­licly be­cause the se­ries was can­celed af­ter its first year.

Along with track sets to play and race with, kids had to have a safe way to carry their col­lec­tion of Revvers to their friend’s house. The Revvers Team Case is a car­ry­ing case that looks like the orig­i­nal 12-car Red­line Rally Case. The front of the case has a red em­bossed “Hot Wheels” logo and “Revvers Team Case” let­ter­ing. In­stead of the mag wheel sticker in the cen­ter of the orig­i­nal Rally Case, the Revvers Team Case has a gray plas­tic mag wheel–type snap-in in­sert. The in­side of the case is also sim­i­lar to the Rally Case but has larger slots to hold the larger-size Revvers ve­hi­cles.

All the Revvers ve­hi­cles, track sets, and their ac­ces­sories are pretty hard to come by and not often seen for sale. Prob­a­bly the rarest and most ex­pen­sive of the se­ries are the Ac­ces­sory 2-Paks. Be­tween the two, I would say that the Revvers Camper Set is the rarest to find carded. This set came with a camper trailer hooked to a reg­u­lar Hot Wheels car. The camper had a wind-up wheel at the rear like the Revvers ve­hi­cles, and it would pro­pel the trailer and the Hot Wheels car as a unit. The camper had a yel­low plas­tic body with an un­painted diecast metal base. It used a hook sim­i­lar to the ones from the Drag Chute sets to hook the car to the trailer. These Camper sets came with a few dif­fer­ent Hot Wheels “Enamels” cars, which added to their de­sir­abil­ity and makes them hard to find to­day. The Revvers Camper Set has been found with a blue enamel “Sweet 16” and the “Alive ’55” (No­mad) in pink, light blue enamel, and dark blue enamel. It’s also been found with the “Street Snorter” in light lime green enamel and red enamel. All the 1973 Enamels cast­ings are highly sought af­ter even with­out the camper and the Revvers pack­ag­ing adding to their value.

The sec­ond ac­ces­sory is the Revvers Side­car Set that was used with Rr­rum­blers Mo­tor­cy­cles.

The Side­car Set has been found pack­aged with a green Rr­rum­blers “Prey­ing Men­ace” and a green rider, or a white Rr­rum­blers “Bone Shaker” with a red, pur­ple, or yel­low rider. The Side­car is yel­low plas­tic, and like the Camper, it is rub­ber-band­pow­ered with a wind wheel at the rear. The Side­car is con­nected to the Rr­rum­blers Mo­tor­cy­cle by a black plas­tic brace. Both of these sets com­mand some se­ri­ous money on to­day’s sec­ondary mar­ket if you’re for­tu­nate enough to find one for sale. De­pend­ing on carded con­di­tion, they can each sell in the $800 to $1,000 range!

Haulin’ Horses in light blue enamel

Buzzin’ Bomb in light lime green

Revver Speed Run Set

Jet­tin’ Vette came in four dif­fer­ent col­ors, in­clud­ing this red enamel.

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