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Snow Per­for­mance’s new Diesel Stage 3 Boost Cooler wa­ter-methanol in­jec­tion kit uses a 2D-mapped con­troller to com­mand in­jec­tions based on an engine’s boost pres­sure and EGT. The in­jec­tions lower air-in­let tem­per­a­ture, re­duce emis­sions, clean engine com­po­nents, and help in­crease fuel econ­omy while also in­creas­ing power. The dash- or steer­ing-col­umn–mounted con­troller also func­tions as a boost gauge and EGT mon­i­tor. The kit is said to not void any war­ranties and is 50-state le­gal.

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