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Flex-a-lite in­tro­duces a new line of en­gine-oil cool­ers that is said to pro­vide up to four times the heat re­jec­tion of typ­i­cal oil cool­ers. The units are built with in­ter­nal tur­bu­lized fins that swirl and mix the fluid as it flows through, which bet­ter dis­si­pates heat.

The fins in­crease plate strength to sup­port a max­i­mum burst pres­sure of 500 psi and min­i­mize oil-pres­sure drop with a 1¾-inch-thick core. There are many dif­fer­ent-sized cool­ers avail­able, and some come equipped with elec­tric fans for re­mote mount­ing. Flex-a-lite (800) 851-1510 flex-a-lite.com

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