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ON THE FOURTH day of Diesel

Power Chal­lenge 2018 Pre­sented by

XDP, com­peti­tors headed to Bandimere Speed­way in Mor­ri­son, Colorado, for eighth-mile and quar­ter-mile ac­tion on “The Moun­tain’s” leg­endary dragstrip.

The Eighth-Mile Trailer Tow is a sti­flflingly tough ex­er­cise that re­quires drivers to drag a 20foot trailer and Bob­cat com­bi­na­tion (11,500 to­tal pounds) 660 feet…as quickly as they can. Sound sim­ple? Of course, it does! Trust us, this seg­ment of DPC is nowhere close to be­ing “easy.”

The vari­ables that make the trailer pull so much more than just a sim­ple tow­ing ex­er­cise are the tur­bocharg­ers, ni­trous-ox­ide, lock­ing torque con­vert­ers, horse­power, torque, and weight that com­bine when drivers roll into the

throt­tle and light the wick to a vir­tual pow­der keg of po­ten­tial on-track chaos.

While Kody Pulliam tried to con­vince us and DPC fans watch­ing the Amer­i­can Force Wheels–spon­sored video feed that his ’04 Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado 2500HD is ac­tu­ally a buck­ing bronco in dis­guise (please re­fer to our cover photo of Kody’s rig yank­ing a front tire off the track), the 6.6L Du­ra­max in DPC 2018’s other Kodi’s (Koch, pro­nounced as “Cook”) ’01

Sil­ver­ado demon­strated its 1,400 hp in the man­ner this test was in­tended.

As he did in his mon­ster dyno run on

Day 3 of Diesel Power Chal­lenge, Kodi blasted down the track in equally dra­matic form (when the torque con­verter locked and ni­trous hit, the truck and trailer zigged and zagged vi­o­lently for nearly 300 feet) and in what we be­lieve is a new Diesel Power Chal­lenge trailer-tow e.t. record of 10.22 sec­onds at 79.79 mph.

Gar­rett Osen and An­drew Mor­ri­son were the jock­eys in the only other heavy­weight, sub-12-sec­ond eighth-mile drags of the seg­ment, with Zach Scoles’ 12.028 lead­ing the re­main­der of the field’s 13-, 14-, and 17-sec­ond runs.

“The eighth-mile trailer tow is a sti­flingly tough ex­er­cise that re­quires drivers to drag a 20-foot trailer and Bob­cat com­bi­na­tion (11,500 to­tal pounds) 660 feet…as quickly as they can.”

Travis Richards put his gear-jam­ming tal­ent to work at Bandimere Speed­way.His ’07 Dodge Ram 2500 had the only man­ual trans­mis­sion at DPC 2018.

One day af­ter its stand­out per­for­mance on the chas­sis dyno, Kodi Koch's ’01 Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado 2500HD con­tin­ued to im­press with a low-10-sec­ond e.t. in the trailer-tow seg­ment.

Trae Hut­ton's de­ci­sion to use two-wheel drive for the trailer tow re­sulted in a lot of tire spin­ning and smoke.

This photo cap­tures Kody Pulliam's ’04 Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado 2500HD dur­ing a rare mo­ment when its tires were ac­tu­ally on the ground.

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