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If you have ever wanted the op­tion to raise the idle of your 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax truck with­out try­ing to bal­ance a brick on the throt­tle, the team at Mer­chant Au­to­mo­tive in Zee­land, Michi­gan, has the per­fect so­lu­tion to sat­isfy your high-rpm idle de­sires. The MA LB7 High Idle Kit al­lows the user to eas­ily set the en­gine idle to ap­prox­i­mately 1,200 or 1,800 rpm through the cruise con­trol switch. (Note that the truck must be equipped with the fac­tory cruise con­trol op­tion for the High Idle Kit to func­tion.) It’s easy to op­er­ate and easy to in­stall as well as in­ex­pen­sive, com­ing in at just un­der $20.

Ben­e­fits from an el­e­vated en­gine idle speed in­clude de­creased warm-up time in cold weather, in­creased charg­ing sys­tem out­put (great for jump­start­ing an­other ve­hi­cle), and it is less harm­ful to the en­gine if the truck must idle for ex­tended pe­ri­ods of time. With the Mer­chant kit in­stalled on your LB7 Duramax the “Set” and “Re­sume” cruise con­trol but­tons on the turn sig­nal stalk are used to ac­ti­vate the high idle modes; hit­ting “Set” pro­vides a 1,200rpm, idle and “Re­sume” gives the truck a 1,800rpm idle. Press­ing the but­ton again will re­turn the truck to a nor­mal idle, while switch­ing be­tween the but­tons will tog­gle be­tween the high idle modes.

The kit is sim­ple and comes with the sin­gle ter­mi­nated wire to add into the ECU har­ness as well as a pro­tec­tive sheath for the wire, 3M Scotchlock wire­tap, fire­wall grom­met and zip ties. In­stalling the Mer­chant LB7 High Idle Kit re­quires ba­sic hand tools and can be done in your garage or drive­way for most Diy­ers with­out much

dif­fi­culty in less than an hour. Fol­low along over the next few pages to see how Sam Derks per­formed the in­stall on a Duramax truck in the Mer­chant Au­to­mo­tive shop. Be sure to prac­tice safe shop tech­niques when rout­ing the wire and make sure to avoid heat sources and mov­ing parts. If the in­stal­la­tion is be­yond your ca­pa­bil­i­ties, or you just don’t have the time, we’re sure your lo­cal per­for­mance diesel spe­cial­ist will be glad to han­dle the in­stal­la­tion for you.

01 The Mer­chant Au­to­mo­tive LB7 High Idle Kit in­cludes a pre-ter­mi­nated wire along with wire sheath and a grom­met for pro­tec­tion, and a sim­ple 3M Scotchlock wire­tap con­nec­tor to make the in­stal­la­tion easy.

02 & 03 Sam Derks starts the in­stal­la­tion by re­mov­ing the ECM ac­cess cover and re­mov­ing the con­nec­tor clos­est to the power steer­ing pump with a 7mm socket and ratchet. To make it eas­ier to get to the ECM and its har­ness you can re­move the TCM from the...

05 Derks in­serts the new wire and con­nec­tor into the ECM con­nec­tor at ter­mi­nal #71, push­ing it through a hole he punched through ear­lier with a pick tool, and mak­ing sure the con­nec­tor clicks into po­si­tion with the plastic re­tainer.

06 Derks then re­assem­bles the plastic re­tain­ers on both sides of the ECM con­nec­tor and re­in­stalls the con­nec­tor into the ECM, mak­ing sure that the or­ange gas­ket in the con­nec­tor is prop­erly po­si­tioned to pre­vent any mois­ture from en­ter­ing the ECM.

04 He then uses a pick tool to re­lease the plastic cover from the back side of the har­ness.

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