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It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd of pow­er­ful diesel lifted trucks in the Lone Star State, but the Maddmax GMC Mega Cab al­ways turns heads. This truck started life as a plain-jane 2015 GMC De­nali 2500HD, and was chopped, sec­tioned and cus­tom­ized to be­come the lifted GMC Mega Cab mon­ster you see here.

John “Mik” Mika­lik, a Gm/chevy truck guy from Texas who has al­ways loved the in­te­rior room avail­able in the RAM Mega Cab trucks, dreamed up this crazy cre­ation. This is Mik’s first ma­jor cus­tom truck build, so he reached out to a fam­ily friend for help. That friend was Rob­bie Bryant, owner of KEG Me­dia.


Bryant thought Mik was “mad crazy” to want to chop up a re­ally nice brand-new truck to cre­ate this GMC Mega Cab De­nali con­cept, and ini­tially tried to talk him out of it. Af­ter fully un­der­stand­ing Mik’s passion and re­solve to see this build come to fruition, Bryant hopped on board and helped guide the project.

The Maddmax project was born with the “sim­ple” Mega Cab con­cept, and it be­came so much more. The name came about quickly, and has noth­ing to do with the movie of the same name, as you might at first guess. It’s a play on words, from Rob­bie Bryant’s first re­ac­tion to the con­cept and the Duramax pow­er­plant in the truck. A mad crazy Duramax, or Maddmax.

Bryant im­me­di­ately rec­om­mended Jimmy at Elite Cus­toms Body & Paint in Sparks, Ne­vada, for the job, as very few shops could pull off a build of this mag­ni­tude prop­erly. The key to do­ing the job right was to cre­ate an Oem-look­ing truck body and bed, even though a large amount of cus­tom work would be en­tailed to cre­ate the Mega Cab look. The cab was sec­tioned and stretched, and then the bed was sec­tioned and short­ened, with the gas filler be­ing re­lo­cated. When the sparks stopped fly­ing and the welds were all cleaned up, a oneof-kind, fac­tory-fresh-look­ing GMC Mega Cab De­nali was born.

The cus­tom GMC Mega Cab ended up pro­vid­ing over three inches more rear seat legroom than you’d find in the al­ready ex­pan­sive RAM Mega Cab. Sec­ond row seats out of a GMC Yukon were uti­lized for the rear seat­ing to al­low the seats to lean back, fold down, and flip up and out of the way. This setup pro­vides a pala­tial rear seat­ing area, fit for a king and queen, with plenty of room for the rest of the fam­ily as well.


It took eight months of hard work to re­al­ize Mik’s dream, with the build be­ing com­pleted just in time to de­but in the Cog­nito Mo­tor­sports booth at SEMA 2015. The truck fea­tures a com­plete 10”-12” Cog­nito lift with Fox Per­for­mance re­mote-reser­voir shocks and Kel­der­man rear air bags. The Cog­nito lift kit in­cludes full sus­pen­sion, driv­e­line and steer­ing up­grades, pro­vid­ing a smooth Oem-style ride and mas­sive lift. That mas­sive lift re­quires mas­sive wheels and tires, like the Spe­cialty Forged SF015 26x16 wheels, with VV Con­cepts Spike Lug Nuts, and Fuel Grip­per MT 40x15.50x26 tires.


Maddmax has a mean, ag­gres­sive theme that’s car­ried through­out the build. The look is ac­com­plished with a cus­tom matte-black paint job with rust-col­ored ac­cents, black Mon­ster Hooks hang­ing off the color-matched Fu­sion bumpers, blacked-out door han­dles, tinted win­dows, Bushwacker fender flares and Killer Spikes on the fend­ers, grille and bumpers. The nose of the truck is made even more ag­gres­sive with an ar­ray of Rigid In­dus­tries light bars,mounted

in a cus­tom Gravel Em­pire front grille and RK Sport hood. Be­sides the Rigid lights uti­lized through­out the build, there are also Re­con/ Diode Dy­nam­ics head­lights and tail­lights to help light the way and carry on the ag­gres­sive cus­tom theme.


While the 6.6L Duramax puts out 395 hp and 765 lb-ft from the fac­tory, Maddmax has turned up the power a bit using an EFI Live tuner with a cus­tom tune by Fly­ing Diesel Per­for­mance. A stealthy black Flo Pro Ex­haust lets the big diesel breathe easy, while the stock 6-speed Al­li­son 1000 au­to­matic trans­mis­sion sends the power to the wheels.


The in­te­rior of Maddmax is a good place to be, es­pe­cially with all the ex­tra vol­ume cre­ated by the cus­tom Mega Cab. To help pas­sen­gers get into this lifted beast there are Amp Re­search pow­ered drop-down side steps. Once in­side, you get to en­joy cus­tom Alea leather-cov­ered seats, a suede head­liner, US Speedo gauges, and even a roof-mounted flip down Dvd/video Screen for the rear seat pas­sen­gers. The Maddmax brand­ing is car­ried from the in­te­rior, on the back­rests of the front seats, to the out­side with brand­ing on the MGP brake caliper cov­ers and on the per­son­al­ized Texas li­cense plates.

Not a whole lot has changed on this build since its de­but at SEMA, but one glar­ing thing has: The faux rust and most of the spikes have been re­moved, cre­at­ing a much more stealthy and clean look. Maddmax mostly lives its life as a show truck, mak­ing the rounds for KEG Me­dia and Spe­cialty Forged Wheels. It gets a ton of recog­ni­tion wher­ever it goes, with first place awards like Heat Wave Best Truck, Bat­tle in Bama Best in Show and Scrap In The Coast Most Rad­i­cal Build.

Mik is the hum­ble and proud owner of this truly unique truck, and wants to send a huge thank you out to his wife Jes­sica and all the spon­sors that helped bring Maddmax to life.

The LML ben­e­fits from a cus­tom tune by Fly­ing Diesel Per­for­mance, an S&B In­take and a Flo Pro Ex­haust sys­tem.

In­side the stretched cab. The rear seats even re­cline. Over­all, a pretty clean job.

The bed was short­ened to al­low for the ex­tended cab length with­out cut­ting up the frame.

A 12-inch kit from Cog­nito Mo­tor­sports gives the GMC the per­fect stance.

26x16-inch Spe­cialty Forged SFO15 wheels with 40-inch Fuel Grip­per MT tires

Kel­der­man Air Ride got the nod in the rear. The air bags al­low for a nice smooth ride that’s both ad­justable in ride height and still able to tow heavy loads.

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