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We’ve all got our cho­sen brand—yes, I’m a Ford guy. Which to GM and Dodge guys means I’m slow, bro­ken down all the time and for some rea­son can’t seem to keep my cab on the frame. But hey at least there’s a big ole cir­cle around the prob­lem on the grille…

I’ve al­ways said peo­ple don’t get to choose their brand; that of­ten comes from what your dad drove when you were a kid. But my dad drove a BMW when I was a kid, so go fig­ure that one out. How’d I be­come a truck guy? Funny enough, I never re­ally had an an­swer to that ques­tion. I know why diesel runs through my veins, but it wasn’t un­til see­ing fam­ily re­cently that made me re­al­ize it was my Aunt’s old splitwin­dow F-250 I rode around in as a kid that started the truck ad­dic­tion. My first car hap­pened to be a Ford Ranger. If it wasn’t your fam­ily that made you pick your brand, it was prob­a­bly a job of some sort that made you go that way. Be it a job that had you driv­ing around in a com­pany truck, or a job you needed to get done so you picked the right truck for said job.

And here’s where the hate mail starts to come in. But be­fore you can­cel your sub­scrip­tion, burn all your copies of DW and build a voodoo doll of me, there’s so, so much more to this con­ver­sa­tion that I can’t fit on this page and hon­estly, we all could re­di­rect just about any point I bring up here given enough time.

Nowa­days the Big Three (Ford, GM, Ram) all make ex­tremely sim­i­lar trucks that all do the job they were de­signed to do very well. They’re all ex­tremely close in just about ev­ery way. The only big dif­fer­ence in my mind would be GM’S lack of a solid axle up front, lim­it­ing its off-road ca­pa­bil­ity. That be­ing said, GM’S sus­pen­sion de­sign per­forms much bet­ter on the pave­ment, as an IFS sys­tem should. Most of us spend eons more time on the street than in the dirt, so is not hav­ing a solid axle a bad thing? De­pends on what you need the truck for. But other than that, they’re pretty close to the same.

Tow­ing num­bers are close, power dif­fer­ences are neg­li­gi­ble—heck, which truck has the most horse­power when it hits the show­room floor is a game the man­u­fac­tur­ers have been play­ing with each other for years. Just like we can change a tune and go up or down 100 hp, they can too, and who has the most power at any given time is usu­ally only up on the com­pe­ti­tion by a small amount. I can’t re­mem­ber the ex­act de­tails, but some­time around 2005 one of the Big Three leaked “clas­si­fied info” to some­one in the me­dia re­gard­ing their up­com­ing horse­power num­bers. The num­ber was pub­lished by that me­dia per­son and it made it back to an ex­ec­u­tive at one of the other man­u­fac­tur­ers. So, not to be out­done, that man­u­fac­turer changed its tune and re­leased its num­bers at just a few horse­power above the afore­men­tioned “clas­si­fied” num­ber. Joke was on them as their com­pe­ti­tion then re­leased its own num­bers as a few hp higher than that. If I say 300, you’re go­ing to say 305 sorta thing (look at the horse­power num­bers among the Big Three around 2005; it’s in­ter­est­ing to see how much they go back and forth). Think about it: They’re all go­ing af­ter the same group of buy­ers who have a spe­cific and sim­i­lar set of needs. Which one is bet­ter is re­ally up to you.

I like the ride of the GM. I’m a Duramax fan, and I like how they look bet­ter than the Fords or Rams, but the solid axle is a deal breaker for me since I spend a ton of time in the dirt. Which leaves Ford and Ram. I like the Cum­mins much bet­ter than the new 6.7L Power Stroke. This is not be­cause there’s any huge prob­lems with the Power Stroke, but be­cause the Cum­mins has been around longer so there’s more af­ter­mar­ket sup­port for it. Plus it’s much eas­ier to fit a set of com­pounds on a straight six. But I’m not a fan of the Ram’s in­te­rior, so it be­comes a toss-up be­tween the Cum­mins and the in­te­rior of the Ford.

I’m look­ing for a new truck as we speak. Whad­dya think I’ll get?

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