Quadzilla Adren­a­line Tuner With iquad

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The Quadzilla Adren­a­line for 1998.5-2002 Vp44pow­ered Dodge Cum­mins trucks fea­tures dyno proven gains up to 180 rwhp, di­rect VP44 fu­el­ing con­trol, in­jec­tion tim­ing, and boost con­trol. The iquad is avail­able for IOS and An­droid de­vices and al­lows you to have stan­dard per­for­mance tun­ing or mul­ti­ple owner-cre­ated cus­tom tunes for street, tow­ing, and per­for­mance. The heart of the mo­d­ule is a 32-bit processor that al­lows the mo­d­ule to mon­i­tor rpm, throt­tle po­si­tion, boost and load per­cent­age all at the same time to pro­vide smooth yet ag­gres­sive fu­el­ing curves for great power and driv­abil­ity.

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