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shoot­ing the win­dows out of it with his BB gun as a young kid. Weaver had men­tioned that the short bed, big back win­dow Fords were sought af­ter by hot rod guys, and it could make a killer restora­tion project. Jung sat on those words for a bit and soon asked his grandma about the old Ford. She couldn’t re­mem­ber the whole story on the truck, but was cer­tain it had been sit­ting there un­touched for close to 30 years and told Holden he could have it if he could fig­ure out how to get it out of the pas­ture.

The next week­end, with the help of a couple bud­dies and an old trac­tor, the F-100 was dragged from its rest­ing place and into the barn where they could work at get­ting it back up, run­ning and road­wor­thy. The orig­i­nal plan was to put a new fuel-in­jected gas mo­tor

 The 1958 Ford F-100 in a short bed with that big one-piece rear win­dow is a sought-af­ter truck for the hot rod crowd. But when one like this has been in the fam­ily for half a cen­tury, the sen­ti­men­tal value and sto­ries be­hind the scratches and dents...

 Run­ning with the Redneck Rat Rod theme, the in­side of the bed brings its own flare to the build with old barn wood planks cut and in­stalled as a bed floor and some rusted out 55-gal­lon oil drums cut up to make some tubbed fen­der wells. It’s al­most...

 Your eyes don’t de­ceive you; that in fact is a 2005 5.9L Com­mon Rail Cum­mins wedged be­tween the fen­der wells of this old Ford. With a lit­tle redneck en­gi­neer­ing and some rat rod in­spi­ra­tion, any­thing is pos­si­ble.

 In­side the cab, Jung had to start from scratch since the truck had been gut­ted and left to rust in his grandpa’s field for al­most 30 years. A new fire­wall and trans­mis­sion tun­nel had to be built to make room for the Cum­mins en­gine and Al­li­son...

 Trans­fer­ring power to the rear end of the F100 is a 5-speed Al­li­son trans­mis­sion from a 2005 GM Duramax. The De­stroked bil­let adapter plate, fly­wheel and trans con­troller made it a pretty sim­ple bolt-up op­tion to back the Cum­mins power plant.

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