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to lose. His Heui-in­jected, stock-bot­tom-end 7.3L is up against a sea of built-to-the-hilt Cum­mins and Duramax mills, many of which are crank­ing out 400 more horse­power. The fact that his Ford can hold its own against some of the strong­est run­ning trucks in the South­east says a lot about its over­all setup and his driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. With more than 130 hooks on a junkyard 7.3L that reg­u­larly sees 4,200 rpm and nearly 60 psi of boost, it’s easy to see why the weight box says Goin’ for Broke.

 Keep­ing a stock-rod 7.3L Power Stroke alive at 600 hp means lim­it­ing low-rpm tim­ing and mak­ing sure the en­gine lives up­stairs. To do this, Green called upon Power Hun­gry Per­for­mance for cus­tom PCM tun­ing via one of the com­pany’s Hy­dra Chips. The cus­tom-tai­lored file Green pulls with waits un­til roughly 2,600 rpm be­fore ag­gres­sively ramp­ing up tim­ing, and also calls for 3.2 mil­lisec­onds of pulse width and 3,500 psi of in­jec­tion con­trol pres­sure (ICP).

 This shift box, built by Irate Diesel Per­for­mance’s Matt Maier, al­lows Green to have full con­trol over con­verter lockup. Dur­ing the course of a pull, Green leaves the 4R100 in third gear, locks the con­verter at 4,200 rpm, and doesn’t un­lock it un­til the truck spins out at the end of the track.

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