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road. The power steer­ing sys­tem is not some­thing own­ers re­ally think about, but that pump and the fluid can take a beat­ing in trucks that get driven hard and used as in­tended. Keep­ing up on fluid ser­vices and re­plac­ing leaky stock lines can be a worth­while in­vest­ment and add thou­sands of miles to the life of your truck. Maybe it’s some­thing you’ve been over­look­ing too?

 By re­mov­ing the pump from the en­gine first we were able to get a lit­tle eas­ier ac­cess to the power steer­ing lines threaded into the back side. The use of a spe­cialty wrench will also aid in re­moval and in­stal­la­tion so you’re sure not to round off the...

 This may be a job a notch or two above the av­er­age shade-tree me­chanic’s tool reper­toire, as a spe­cialty tool will be re­quired to get the fan clutch re­moved from the en­gine. Some auto parts stores rent th­ese tools.

 The power steer­ing pump is mounted right on the front of the en­gine’s driver side. It’s belt-driven with a pul­ley and will re­quire re­mov­ing the fac­tory en­gine cool­ing fan to gain ac­cess to the pump pul­ley and mount­ing hard­ware.

 With the fan shroud, fan and belt re­moved from the en­gine you can fi­nally tackle re­mov­ing the power steer­ing pump, which is go­ing to re­quire a puller as the pul­ley is pressed onto the pump’s shaft.

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