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made. Canale wanted to put plenty of miles on the new mo­tor be­fore he pushed it on the dyno, but he has ev­ery in­ten­tion of mak­ing some dyno pulls and passes at the drag strip to see what the real po­ten­tial is. The ini­tial plan was to build a high-horsepower re­li­able street truck, but un­fore­seen dis­as­trous cir­cum­stances changed that plan and re­quired more bud­get than he’d care to dis­close. The smile on his face af­ter driv­ing it and show­ing it off around town tells the real story though, prov­ing that with a lit­tle per­sis­tence, hard work and the right list of parts any disas­ter can be re­solved. It all worked out in the end, and Canale says he’s ex­tremely happy with what he has now—even if it wasn’t quite what had been in­tended.

 The cylin­der head from In­dus­trial In­jec­tion uses a milled in­take plenum with a cus­tom ZZ Fab side-draft in­take. A dual CP3 kit uses dual stock pumps to feed In­dus­trial In­jec­tion Co­bra in­jec­tors.

 The retro­fit­ted black Anzo pro­jec­tor head­lights re­ally en­hance the over­all look of the truck.

 SRT-6 Cum­mins? When did Dodge of­fer that pack­age?

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