’17-18 L5P

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To date, no one has suc­cess­fully in­fil­trated an ECM on a ’17-18 GM, which means no cus­tom tun­ing is avail­able and that the full per­for­mance ca­pa­bil­ity of the new L5P Du­ra­max re­mains to be seen. How­ever, Area Diesel Ser­vice has been able to un­leash an ex­tra 90 hp with its Ag Diesel So­lu­tions Truck Edi­tion mod­ule. The plug-and-play mod­ule sim­ply ties into the fac­tory fuel rail pres­sure sen­sor to achieve its gains. So far ini­tial re­ports have con­firmed a no­tice­able seatof-the-pants dif­fer­ence in power along with a 3mpg im­prove­ment in fuel econ­omy.

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