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1992-1994—The OBS Era

The front wrap changed again for ’92 but, again, the ba­sic body shape didn’t change much. This time the front end was more rounded. For some rea­son, Ford diesel fans are call­ing this gen­er­a­tion IDI the “OBS” for “old body style.” We sup­pose that’s be­cause the Power Stroke also used this body well into the ’90s. The in­te­rior got a big makeover again. The pow­er­train op­tions changed lit­tle.

The big news came in ’93, when the tur­bocharged ver­sion of the IDI diesel be­came an op­tion. The NA IDI con­tin­ued as the base­line diesel op­tion but the out­put had in­creased to 185 hp and 360 lb-ft, the high­est power and torque lev­els the NA IDI would achieve in fac­tory trim. The Power Stroke was a mid-year en­trant for ’94 and the IDI trucks were soon in the “Oh, by the way” cat­e­gory.

 Corey Zakeosian’s OBS ’94 Su­per­cab dually is a turbo diesel truck but was pur­chased with the Truxarossa body kit from the Ford dealer. Ford and the dealer net­work had agree­ments with var­i­ous kit mak­ers and coach­builders to con­vert trucks.

 The OBS in­te­rior was pretty whiz-bang and def­i­nitely at the top of the class for the era in ’92.

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