1978-81: Chevro­let and GMC C10 Pickup

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This is the truck side of the 1978 Olds 350 diesel de­ba­cle. That same year it was added as an op­tion for the very light­est-duty half-ton, two-wheel-drive Chevro­let and GMC pickups un­der the Or­der­ing Code LF9. This en­gine was less prob­lem­atic in trucks than in the cars be­cause truck own­ers were a lit­tle more diesel-savvy and didn’t do some of the silly things that got car own­ers in trou­ble. Still, the trucks had their trou­ble and ’78 and ’79 were the worst years. Most of the is­sues were fixed by 1980 and the en­gine was avail­able through 1981 in full-size trucks, re­placed for ’82 by the all-new 6.2L diesel.

1978 Chevro­let C10 Scotts­dale diesel

1980 LF9 350 Chevro­let V8 diesel

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