1981-87: Isuzu P’up and Trooper II

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In 1981, af­ter nearly a decade build­ing the LUV for GM, Isuzu de­cided to mar­ket its mini-truck un­der the Isuzu ban­ner and, un­like the LUV of the same era, that in­cluded a diesel op­tion. The P’up was the fa­mil­iar LUV now fi­nally bear­ing its own badges. For 1984 the Trooper II SUV was in­tro­duced and a diesel was on the op­tions list. Both had the same C223 2.2L NA diesels as the LUV and the S-10 to 1986 and the C223T turbo diesel was an op­tion in both for ’86 and ’87. The Isuzu diesels were gone from the United States af­ter that but sol­diered on else­where in the world for some years.

DIS­PLACE­MENT: 2.2L (136.6ci)

POWER: 62 hp @ 4,300 rpm/80 hp @ 4,000 rpm TORQUE: 93 lb-ft @ 2,200 rpm/

128 lb-ft @ 2,200 rpm

COM­PRES­SION RA­TIO: 21:1 AS­PI­RA­TION: Nat­u­ral/tur­bocharger

1981 Isuzu P’up diesel 1984 Isuzu Trooper II

2.2L C223 NA diesel 2.2L C233T turbo diesel

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