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1. T.J. Salokas—1,305 hp / 2,093 lb-ft

After Steven Davis’s OBS F-350 broke the 1,000 rwhp bar­rier, things were start­ing to heat up on the Dyno­com dyno at Beans Diesel Per­for­mance (more on Davis’s num­bers below). Then, an hour be­fore mid­night, T.J. Salokas backed his ’01 F-350 onto the rollers. A few min­utes later his­tory was made. First, the healthy Su­per Duty laid down a solid 787 hp on fuel, fol­lowed by 994 hp on ni­trous via a .110 jet. Then it was time to ghetto-fog the North Jersey Ford on top of that. As we go to press, Salokas’s 1,305 hp is the high­est ever recorded for a Heui-equipped 7.3L Power Stroke.

T.J.’S Setup

So what makes Salokas’s 7.3L tick? It starts with a fully built en­gine from Car­son Stauf­fer Diesel, com­plete with a half-filled block, crank­case gir­dle, Man­ley Per­for­mance rods, de-lipped and fly-cut 15:1 com­pres­sion pis­tons, a Gear­head Au­to­mo­tive Per­for­mance Stage 2 cam and Stage 2 ported and fire-ringed heads from Car­son Stauf­fer. Big fuel and oil comes in the form of high-flow, 400/400 in­jec­tors and a Gen3 high-pres­sure oil pump from Swamp’s Diesel, while Jelibuilt Per­for­mance han­dles the PCM tun­ing. A Forced In­duc­tions 76mm S400SXR (a.k.a. “Gang­ster 76mm”) pro­vides the hard hit up top and it’s a big rea­son why the truck makes nearly 800 hp on fuel.

2. Steven Davis—1,008 hp / 1,729 lb-ft

One of the few high-horse­power 7.3L own­ers to turn down the ghet­to­fog op­tion, Steven Davis de­cided to stick with the setup he uses at the track: con­sid­er­able fuel and a pro­gres­sively con­trolled Ni­trous Ex­press sys­tem. Thanks to a set of Full Force Diesel 300/200 hy­brids, Honey Badger Sr. high-pres­sure oil pump, a box Borg­warner S467.7 and Gear­head Au­to­mo­tive Per­for­mance tun­ing, his ’95 F-350 made 674 hp on fuel. On the bot­tle, the OBS Ford picked up more than 330 hp, boost­ing the truck into four-digit ter­ri­tory.

3. Chuck Dorsey— 988 hp / 1,866 lb-ft

As a tuner of 7.3Ls and a builder of 4R100s, you can bet that Chuck Dorsey has a lot of R&D in his ’00 Su­per Duty. It came as no sur­prise when his 350/200, dual high-pres­sure oil pump, S369 SX-E equipped F-350 cleared 640 hp and 1,264 lb-ft on fuel. After a small shot of spray was in­tro­duced those num­bers jumped to 751 hp and 1,442 lb-ft. Then, opt­ing for the full ghetto-fog treat­ment, just shy of 1,000 hp was squeezed through the non-waste­gated S369 SX-E.

Chuck’s Setup

Pieced to­gether us­ing Brian Crower rods and de-lipped fac­tory pis­tons, the 7.3L in Dorsey’s Su­per Duty was built to han­dle the abuse it was sub­jected to on the dyno. The amount of horse­power the S369 SX-E was able to sup­port im­pressed us, too. In fact, Dorsey’s 988 hp is one of the high­est num­bers we’ve seen out of an S369 SX-E charger. Like most in­vi­tees present at the Jam­boree, he is able to run the S300 Borg­warner thanks to a T4 mount­ing kit from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance.

4. Alis Hill— 950 hp / 1,578 lb-ft

Not even a 289,000-mile stock bot­tom end could keep Alis Hill and the Diesel Shop LLC crew from get­ting in on the ghetto-fog­ging hi­jinks. The big blast of N2O the stan­dard­cab F-250 re­ceived was good enough for 950 ponies and 1,578 lb-ft of torque. On fuel alone—and thanks to a set of Full Force Diesel 350/200s and dual HPOPS, a 5-blade Stain­less Diesel S475 and Jelibuilt Per­for­mance tun­ing—the two-wheel-drive Su­per Duty made a very re­spectable 738 hp.

5. Andy In­man—940 hp / 1,926 lb-ft

With so many trucks mak­ing ex­tra horse­power via open ni­trous bot­tles, it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore the event ex­pe­ri­enced a ca­su­alty. When the big S476 SX-E on Andy In­man’s stock bot­tom end 7.3L failed to come up on boost quick enough, a head gas­ket was sac­ri­ficed. But even though a head had lifted, In­man’s OBS still came away with an im­pres­sive 940 hp and 1,926 lb-ft show­ing.

Andy’s Setup

Based on a stock forged-rod bot­tom end, In­man’s 7.3L ben­e­fits from all the stan­dard 7.3L top-end mods (Comp Cams 910 valve springs, Smith Broth­ers pushrods and ARP head studs), but packs a se­ri­ous punch in the fuel, oil and air de­part­ments. Un­lim­ited Diesel Per­for­mance 300/200 in­jec­tors, Full Force Diesel’s dual high-pres­sure oil pumps, the afore­men­tioned S476 SX-E and Dorsey Diesel tun­ing com­bine for a very streetable 680 hp with­out the aid of ni­trous.

6. Steve Ci­olkosz—932 hp / 1,816 lb-ft

If we learned one thing at last year’s 7-Tree Jam­boree, it’s that Steve Ci­olkosz likes to party. He doesn’t al­low things like stock con­nect­ing rods to keep him from run­ning 450/400s, an S475 and a healthy dose of ni­trous. Even after his 7.3L pushed coolant, he topped it back off with tap wa­ter and pressed on, de­ter­mined to make a good num­ber. Fol­low­ing a tun­ing change (a nasty file from SDK Per­for­mance), his ’99 F-250 went from 641 hp to 753 hp on fuel—and then picked up nearly 200 more via ghetto fog.

Steve’s Setup

Start­ing with a fac­tory forged-rod bot­tom end with 170,000 miles on the clock, Ci­olkosz added Comp Cams 910 valve springs, chro­moly pushrods and ARP head studs up top—along with a Gen3 high-pres­sure oil pump and the pre­vi­ously men­tioned 450/400s and S475 turbo. After his busi­ness on the dyno was fin­ished, he paid a visit to the in­fa­mous Beans Diesel Per­for­mance burnout pad and pro­ceeded to shred the rear BFG All Ter­rains. “Send It” is an un­der­state­ment as far as Steve Ci­olkosz is con­cerned.

7. Roger Pilcher—912 hp / 1,786 lb-ft

Yet an­other ex­am­ple of a stock bot­tom end 7.3L crank­ing out big power is Roger Pilcher’s ’97 F-250. In between each Jam­boree, his OBS seems to find an­other 70 hp. Now with 225,000 miles racked up, his fuel-only horse­power checks in at a stout 610 hp, along with 1,180 lb-ft of torque. On the bot­tle (or should we say, on the ghetto fog?) his two-tone, solid-axle ¾-ton made a whop­ping 912 hp. Dur­ing the sum­mer months you can find Pilcher re­li­giously hook­ing to the sled. Year round you can find him be­hind the wheel for nearly ev­ery other pur­pose, as the truck serves as his daily driver.

Roger’s Setup

Pilcher’s power com­bi­na­tion is sur­pris­ingly sim­ple. He runs a set of Full Force Diesel 205/100 hy­brid in­jec­tors, an Adren­a­line high-pres­sure oil pump from Diesel­site and SDK Per­for­mance tun­ing. Slight port work helped open up the fac­tory heads, bee­hive valve springs elim­i­nate valve float and creep, and Smith Broth­ers chro­moly pushrods sit in place of the bend-friendly stock­ers. Boost pro­duc­tion comes by way of an S369 SX-E from Barder Turbo Ser­vice mounted via a T4 sys­tem from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance.

8. Jeremiah Dal­ton—846 hp / 1,693 lb-ft

After un­hook­ing his ’00 F-250 from the triple-axle en­closed trailer it towed to the event, Jeremiah Dal­ton’s Su­per Duty pro­ceeded to clear 594 hp and 1,215 lb-ft on fuel. Then the bot­tle was turned loose on the in­take and an­other 250 hp was added to the equa­tion. Dal­ton’s six-speed Ford makes use of 250/100 in­jec­tors, an S467.7, a fac­tory 17-de­gree high-pres­sure oil pump and com­pletely stock heads—not even the valve springs have been up­graded.

9. Mike Satkowski—829 hp / 1,496 lb-ft

Even though Mike Satkowski trucked all the way from Con­necti­cut with the hopes of see­ing what his slicked OBS could do at the drag strip, he didn’t let the rain spoil his fun. His solid-axle F-250 would make 588 hp on fuel while aboard the rollers, and then clear 829 hp on gig­gle gas. Full Force Diesel 300/200 hy­brids, an SRP1.1, Irate T4 turbo kit and a bil­let 5-blade Stain­less Diesel S468 make up his pow­er­mak­ing recipe, along with a built bot­tom end to ab­sorb all the pun­ish­ment. So far his sub-7,000-pound OBS has been as quick as 12.0 at 108 mph in the quar­ter mile.

10. Daniel Sayres—742 hp / 1,380 lb-ft

Al­though Sayres has owned his ’00 F-350 for 13 years, the past few have been the most ex­cit­ing per­for­mance-wise. His build is proof that a 205,000-mile stock bot­tom end 7.3L can be treated to se­lect up­grades (Comp Cams 910 valve springs, chro­moly pushrods, ARP head studs in­stalled one at a time) and sur­vive big horse­power. So far, Sayres’s stan­dard cab screamer has trapped 123 mph through the 1320, which con­firms that the lack of bot­tle pres­sure he ex­pe­ri­enced at this year’s event kept his dyno num­bers lower than they should’ve been.

Daniel’s Setup

Fuel­ing in Sayres’s F-350 is pro­vided by a set of Full Force Diesel 250/200 in­jec­tors with an Aero­mo­tive A1000 sup­ply­ing them. Am­ple high-pres­sure oil vol­ume is pro­vided courtesy of a Gen3 bolted above a stock 15-de­gree HPOP from an OBS truck. The 7.3L breathes through an S467.7 in­te­grated into the 7.3L’s lifter val­ley thanks to an Irate Diesel Per­for­mance T4 mount­ing kit. De­spite uti­liz­ing one of the milder in­jec­tors found at the Jam­boree (if you can even call 250/200s mild), Sayres’s truck made a jaw-drop­ping 709 hp on fuel while aboard the rollers. A pro­gres­sive ni­trous sys­tem—with a stone-cold, 15-pound ni­trous bot­tle—added an­other 33 hp to the mix once it was ac­ti­vated.

 Dy­lan Cink’s ul­tra-clean, two-wheel-drive ’97 F-250 didn’t dis­ap­point on the dyno. Graced with 300/200s, an SRP1.1, Irate T4 mount and an S467.7, it put down 678 hp and 1,199 lb-ft with­out skip­ping a beat. Cink spends his Satur­days street rac­ing his 5,400-pound sleeper, of­ten up­set­ting (and usu­ally con­fus­ing) his ri­vals. After one video documenting his rout­ing of a late-model Corvette went semi-vi­ral on so­cial me­dia, a few key­board rac­ers de­duced that the truck must’ve been Ls-pow­ered. The last thing on their minds was a 7.3L Power Stroke.

 Fresh off an en­gine build a year prior, Mi­randa Ward’s ’99 F-250 spun the rollers to the tune of 628 hp and 1,219 lb-ft of torque. A set of Full Force Diesel 250/200 hy­brids and an S467.7 helped get her there. The rel­a­tively new 7.3L un­der the hood was re­in­forced with a set of cryo’d and shot-peened fac­tory forged rods, ce­ramic-coated and de-lipped pis­tons, and a Stage 2 Colt cam dur­ing the re­build.

It goes with­out say­ing that the cal­iber of trucks in­vited to the 7Tree Jam­boree was high and that a bunch of dif­fer­ent routes were taken to make each truck per­form so well, but there were a few com­mon themes through­out most of the builds. For in­stance, the ma­jor­ity of 7.3Ls on hand ben­e­fit­ted from an Irate Diesel Per­for­mance T4 turbo mount­ing kit, a Borg­warner S400-based charger (or an S369 SXE), a Full Force Diesel dual high-pres­sure oil pump sys­tem or a Swamp’s Diesel Gen3 and big hy­brid in­jec­tors. At this event a 250cc in­jec­tor is small. Al­most ev­ery­thing we came across was a 300cc, 200% over noz­zle in­jec­tor or larger. Last but not least, out­side of a half dozen or so trucks mak­ing use of com­plete en­gine builds, most com­peti­tors were sport­ing stock forged-rod bot­tom ends.

It was break-in time for Zach Green and his ’01 F-250 puller. After be­ing fur­nished with a brand-new en­gine com­plete with Man­ley Per­for­mance rods and de-lipped pis­tons, Green was look­ing for­ward to see­ing how far his new pow­er­plant could carry him in the dirt. When the rain can­celed his orig­i­nal plans, how­ever, he did the next best thing and joined in on the fun on the dyno. His fuel and oil setup con­sists of 300/400 in­jec­tors and a Gen3 over a 17-de­gree stocker, while a Forced In­duc­tions Gang­ster 76mm S400SXR force-feeds boost into the heads. With trou­ble get­ting the big dual-rear-wheel Su­per Duty loaded on the rollers, Green’s Ford would end up with a boost-lim­ited 617 hp.

 An­other solid per­former was John Guy­ton’s ’03 F-250. Thanks to a set of 250/200 hy­brids, Gen3 HPOP, S467.7 and SDK Per­for­mance tun­ing on top of a built en­gine, his Su­per Duty made out with 590 hp on fuel. Then the ghetto-fog demons came call­ing and he ended up with a 719 hp dyno graph.

 Meet Louis Guereca’s North Texas tow rig. His OBS F-350 was re­spon­si­ble for haul­ing Dy­lan Cink’s im­mac­u­late F-250 to the show. After back­ing the old-school du­ally onto the rollers a re­spectable 381 hp was achieved, in large part due to a set of Baby Swamps in­jec­tors, an E-se­ries van turbo and Gear­head Au­to­mo­tive Per­for­mance tun­ing. And thanks to a new torque con­verter from Ford, 733 lb-ft of twist was squeezed through the stock E4OD au­to­matic.

 Once Daniel Klunk’s ’97 F-250 was un­strapped from the dyno (where it cleared 702 hp and 1,251 lb-ft), he pro­ceeded to take a few quar­ter-miles off the rear slicks. Thanks to a setup con­sist­ing of 300/200 hy­brids, a Gen3 high-pres­sure oil pump and an S476 SX-E, his light­weight OBS has bolted through the quar­ter in as lit­tle as 11.48 sec­onds.

 With a set of 250/100 in­jec­tors and an S467.7 on­board, Alex Swanger’s ’00 F-250 was good for 605 hp on fuel, and then he opted for a side of ghetto fog. After the big blast of N2O was over with, the Dyno­com soft­ware reg­is­tered 732 hp and 1,547 lb-ft—not bad for one of the sim­pler set­ups to hit the rollers.

 Even though 11-year-old truck puller Sla­ton Con­sta­ble was a lit­tle bummed about the rain­out, he too found him­self on the dyno. And after his bud­get-built F-250 puller man­aged to push 453 hp (and 978 lb-ft) out of a stock-ap­pear­ing Su­per Duty turbo, he was all smiles for the cam­era.

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