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When the storm fi­nally blew it­self out nearly two weeks after land­fall, the lower half came back to­gether and work be­gan on other ar­eas.

Nat­u­rally, Stephens’ rig sports en­hanced body ar­mor from STMW. The ex­am­ples adorn­ing the 2017 Su­per Duty are fab­ri­cated us­ing 2x2-inch square, 11-gauge ASTM-A-36 steel tub­ing. The front was de­signed and built with KC Hilites LEDS in mind, ac­com­mo­dat­ing two sep­a­rate light bars, and Stephens’ truck comes equipped ac­cord­ingly. The rear was built with in­te­grated ports for KC Hilites 3-inch LEDS, also in­stalled here.

Un­der the hood, the 6.7L’s breath­ing pas­sages have been opened up on ei­ther side of the com­bus­tion process. Up front, a No Limit Fab­ri­ca­tion cold-air in­take feeds into Mid­west Turbo pip­ing that was pow­der­coated in sil­ver by Ad­vanced Pow­der Coat in Hous­ton. On the hot side, the fac­tory ex­haust tract was deleted in fa­vor of a 5-inch Flo Pro straight­through sys­tem that dumps into a 7-inch tip out back. All en­gine hard parts were ap­plied by Power Stroke Eng­i­nu­ities, also in Hous­ton. Fi­nal tun­ing was per­formed us­ing PPEI soft­ware via EZ Lynk Auto Agent. PPEI also pro­vided the elec­tron­ics to match the trans­mis­sion’s shift points to op­ti­mize its op­er­a­tion with the new power curves.

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