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also ported and fit­ted with Manning pushrods and Smith Broth­ers bridges and trun­nions. The pow­er­plant also uses ARP studs through­out, with 14mm main studs (and a gir­dle) down low, and 625 Cus­tom Age studs to clamp the cylin­der head onto the block.

Big Fuel

For fuel, Ring went pure overkill for when a new deck­plate en­gine is in­stalled. Be­gin­ning with a Water­man lift pump that’s belt driven, fuel is trans­ferred to an in­tense triple CP3 kit with XP pumps from In­dus­trial In­jec­tion. The in­jec­tors were also sup­plied by In­dus­trial In­jec­tion, and are 400% over Cobra units. A fac­tory Dodge ECM con­trols the en­gine, and Ring says with the huge in­jec­tors he hasn’t even got­ten past Tune 1 yet.

No Non­sense

With all the com­pound turbo set­ups out there you might think that twins or triples would be a no-brainer, but that’s not so.

 The 5.9L Cum­mins in Jared Ring’s Ram race truck is quite in­tim­i­dat­ing, with a 103mm Keat­ing Ma­chine tur­bocharger and triple In­dus­trial In­jec­tion CP3 pumps. With some tun­ing from Ryan Mil­liken at Hard­way Per­for­mance, the en­gine makes an es­ti­mated 1,600 horse­power at around 4,500 rpm.  An over­size Spearco in­ter­cooler chills the in­take charge down to man­age­able lev­els. The in­ter­cooler has also been re­in­forced with bars in the tanks that keep them from blow­ing apart.  Fa­mous for its trac­tor pulling tur­bocharg­ers, Keat­ing Ma­chine cre­ated a ball bear­ing cen­ter sec­tion HX82 that feeds a wild 80 psi of boost into the Cum­mins en­gine.

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