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with the truck. He is ob­vi­ously still nur­tur­ing that love af­fair 16 years later as he con­tin­ues to put his pas­sion for diesel per­for­mance into the old girl. Through the years the truck has been ba­bied, only driven on the sunny days, washed any­time it saw rain or snow and has been through quite the trans­for­ma­tion, in both looks and per­for­mance.

Around 2005, Gib­son got hooked up with then Wide Open Per­for­mance of Sandy, Utah, where owner Zane Koch and his crew re­ally started to amp up the per­for­mance of that 250-hp 7.3L Power Stroke. The stock en­gine was up­graded with some Stage II 180cc Hyper­max in­jec­tors, a Hyper­max high-flow in­ter­cooler kit and a cus­tom tur­bocharger from Bell Turbo was mounted on a Hyper­max T4I in­stall kit. To en­sure there would never be trans­mis­sion prob­lems from the stock au­to­matic, it was re­built and up­graded by Brian’s Truck Shop of Lead Hill, Arkansas. Cus­tom in­ter­nals, per­for­mance valve body and triple-disc torque con­verter was go­ing to be more than enough for what­ever power level the truck ended up at. Wide Open also in­stalled a big­ger trans­mis­sion cooler and lines from a V10 Su­per Duty truck. The truck made a very re­spectable 400 hp with that combo, but the mas­sive lift and tires were killing the driv­abil­ity and Gib­son was ready to make some changes.

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