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Start­ing with the 250 SX-F, I per­son­ally en­joyed this bike a lot. To me it feels so light and nim­ble I can go any­where on the track. Since I am ac­cus­tomed to a 250 (be­cause that’s what I race) it was eas­ier to feel at home on this size of a ma­chine. Aside from great han­dling char­ac­ter­is­tics and com­fort, this bike has a strong en­gine pack­age; how­ever, I don’t find it quite up to par with its big­ger broth­ers. It pulls hard through­out the midrange and re­ally shows its strength on top, but I no­ticed a rather large lack in bot­tom-end power. I re­ally like this bike, yet the en­gine lacks in bot­tom-end power, mak­ing it my sec­ond fa­vorite.

This 350 is hands-down one of the most fun bikes I have rid­den. I feel this bike shows off its light and nim­ble char­ac­ter­is­tics, which were very no­table on the 250. The 350 was my fa­vorite for its en­gine, which al­lowed me to ride it like a 250F and stretch out each gear. It is a very free-revving bike, and you are also given the op­tion to ride it like a 450 and ride it a gear high eas­ier than you can with the 250. With the 350’s su­per-re­spon­sive bot­tom-end rpm re­sponse and midrange pulling power, as well as its abil­ity to rev far like a 250F, this in-be­tween cc’d bike is a very good op­tion for a rider like me.

Mov­ing on to the big­gest bike in the SX-F lineup, the 450 was my least fa­vorite. The rea­sons were the fork and en­gine. Start­ing with the fork, I felt that it did not of­fer much rider com­fort for my weight. One of the big­gest char­ac­ter­is­tics I look for in a bike is a plush ride, and I want a bike that of­fers as much rider com­fort as pos­si­ble. Be­ing more of a 250F rider, I want very smooth, less scary, lin­ear power on the big­ger bike. The 450 was just a lit­tle too ag­gres­sive for my lik­ing, and I was more timid on this ma­chine out on the track. I felt it had a very hard-hit­ting power de­liv­ery and was a very solid mo­tor, but I think the 450 SX-F is geared more to­ward big­ger rid­ers and/or rid­ers who have had time on big bikes.


Per­sonal Rank­ing: 1. 350, 2. 250, 3. 450 Ac­tual Lap Times: 2:02 (350), 2:05.47 (450), 2:05.50 (250)

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