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I con­sider my­self a 250F rider, but I was amazed how much more fun the 450 was to ride than ei­ther of the other two bikes. I stuck to the vet track with shorter straights, and the 450 felt more nim­ble, more pre­cise, more planted, and more fun; it laid into turns per­fectly. It got bet­ter trac­tion front and rear, and the strong power was fun to mod­u­late.

The 250F prob­a­bly had the best sus­pen­sion for me. It was com­fort­able and pre­dictable, but the 450 had more ac­cu­racy. The 350’s ends just didn’t work in uni­son; the bike rocked front to back through the bumps. The 450 had strong, meaty power from the bot­tom-end on up, where the 350 had a great bark down low but ran out of “go” be­fore my straight­aways did, and I had to shift where I did not on the 450. So the 350 re­quires the same amount of at­ten­tion to throt­tle con­trol down low without the re­ward of a long pull once you are hooked up. In that bot­tom-end rpm where I ride, the 250’s power felt a big, big step down from the 350’s.

If I told my­self I was go­ing to get into great shape then some­how be­lieved it, I would pick the 450 eas­ily as my fa­vorite; right now I pick the 450 with some reser­va­tions since it takes more en­ergy and would be too much bike at many tracks, with the 250F a close sec­ond, and the 350 a dis­tant third.


Per­sonal Rank­ing: 1. 450, 2. 250, 3. 350 Ac­tual Lap Times (*Vet Track): 1:47.25* (450), 1:47.42* (350), 1:50* (250)

“Then I hopped on the 350, and I felt right at home. The 350 just feels so right for me and my skill level.” —STEVE CA­BALLERO

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