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I own a 2015 KTM 350 SX-F, and this was my first time ever rid­ing the KTM 250 and 450. I have al­ways been a lit­tle afraid of the power of a 450, and that’s why I pur­chased the 350 when I stepped up from a 250F. The 450 has a lot more power than the 350, but it is not as light and nim­ble; yet it did give me the con­fi­dence to jump the larger jumps on the track that I didn’t try on the 250 and 350. Still, I felt slower in the turns be­cause of how big and heavy it felt un­der­neath me.

The 250 feels su­per light and was awe­some in the turns, but com­ing out of them it felt un­der­pow­ered and I had to shift a lot, plus I did not feel com­fort­able jump­ing a few large table­tops out of tight turns be­cause I couldn’t get the bike to soar over them without revving the mo­tor to its limit.

Then I hopped on the 350, and I felt right at home. The 350 just feels so right for me and my skill level. It’s easy to ride, cor­ners amaz­ingly, and has the power when I need it. I trust this bike more than I trust the 250 or the 450. I also felt that my fastest laps were done on the 350. I would say that the 350 out­per­forms the other two by a long shot for me.


Per­sonal Rank­ing: 1. 350, 2. 450, 3. 250 Ac­tual Lap Times: 2:22 (350), 2:25 (450), 2:27 (250)

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