FOR 2017 KTM 250 SX-F $199.95 (PER SIDE)

Dirt Rider - - Tested - —Michael Allen

Al­though there is noth­ing in­her­ently wrong with the stock 2017 KTM 250 SX-F’S ra­di­a­tors, I was ex­cited to re­ceive a set of af­ter­mar­ket units from Moto Hose and put them to the test right away.

One of the things I no­ticed while re­mov­ing the stock KTM units is they mount to the frame via plas­tic pieces that are riv­eted onto the ra­di­a­tors. I haven’t had a prob­lem with th­ese break­ing but can see how they could be a weak point in a nasty crash. The Moto Hose units are beau­ti­fully hand fab­ri­cated and welded (I know be­cause my nine-to-five job is as a welder/fab­ri­ca­tor), with a fac­tory-look­ing pol­ished fin­ish. The new ra­di­a­tors mount to the frame with alu­minum tabs that are welded to the ra­di­a­tor it­self, and the fit of the new units was im­pres­sively ac­cu­rate. In fact, the holes where the ra­di­a­tors mount to the frame were so pre­cise that they were a lit­tle snug go­ing on and didn’t al­low for much play to line up the plas­tics. Other than the slightly snug holes, the in­stal­la­tion was very straight­for­ward and only took about 25 min­utes.

The new ra­di­a­tors re­use all the stock mount­ing hard­ware but come with a new 2.0 BAR ra­di­a­tor cap to re­place the stock 1.8 unit. The main ben­e­fit to af­ter­mar­ket ra­di­a­tors is that you get a lit­tle more coolant vol­ume and much more alu­minum sur­face area, which dis­si­pates heat much more ef­fi­ciently than the stock units that in­te­grate plas­tic. Al­though we never had a prob­lem with over­heat­ing with the stock ra­di­a­tors, we were happy to test th­ese at the first round of the West Coast ISDE qual­i­fier. Through­out the two-day event we had no is­sues with leak­ing or over­heat­ing af­ter rac­ing over 100 miles. Al­though the price may be close to boil­ing over, th­ese ra­di­a­tors never did, and the old say­ing is true that “you get what you pay for” with the beau­ti­fully handcrafted Moto Hose ra­di­a­tors. MOTO-HOSE.MYSHOPIFY.COM (704) 340-7958


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