Al­lan Brown

Age 47, 5’10”, 175 lb., Vet In­ter­me­di­ate

Dirt Rider - - Gear Bag -

The mo­tor on the Yamaha is just a trac­tor; you just put it in third gear and go. The sus­pen­sion has a plush, “gooshy” feel. I’m dis­ap­pointed in the gas tank, in that they didn’t slim that down more. That would help the bike feel a lot nar­rower. I don’t think the ra­di­a­tors are as big of an is­sue as peo­ple think. You def­i­nitely sit in the bike and you’re driv­ing it; it feels like you’re a part of it more than most bikes. It’s a lit­tle lazier, a lit­tle slower in the re­spon­sive­ness com­pared to some of the ra­zor-sharp bikes, but that makes the Yamaha eas­ier to ride. The YZ-F feels planted ev­ery­where, it gets good trac­tion, it’s pre­dictable, and it’s fun to ride.

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