Bradley Lion­net

Age 20, 5’11”, 160 lb., Pro

Dirt Rider - - Gear Bag -

The Honda is a bike that any­one can jump on and feel at home right away. It’s very well bal­anced, and the weight of the bike feels like it’s pro­por­tioned evenly in the front and rear. The sus­pen­sion felt very plush and helped ab­sorb brak­ing bumps to make cor­ner en­try smoother. The rear shock felt like it stuck to the ground re­ally well and didn’t kick out in the high-speed, choppy bumps. The front end felt as if you could steer it any­where you wanted to on en­try into and exit from the turns—you could point and shoot! The en­gine felt very strong in com­par­i­son to pre­vi­ous years, and the gears pull long be­fore need­ing to shift. Over­all, I feel like the Honda is a bike that a pro can hop on in stock trim and turn fast laps.

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