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Talk­ing hel­mets with fel­low moto rid­ers is al­most like talk­ing about re­li­gion or pol­i­tics; you’re not sup­posed to do it in po­lite com­pany! But we are not po­lite (some­times), and it’s our job to check out the wide va­ri­ety of prod­ucts on the mar­ket to pro­tect your noo­dle. En­ter Zox Hel­mets from Canada.

The Z-MX10, other than hav­ing a name that you for­get im­me­di­ately, has a Kevlar/ fiber­glass com­pos­ite shell around an EPS liner. It is ECE and DOT ap­proved but not Snell (again, it’s up to you to de­cide which test­ing stan­dard makes the most sense to you). There are ven­ti­la­tion chan­nels in the EPS and four large vents on the back cov­ered by plas­tic hexag­o­nal grates. I can’t help but no­tice a Leatt-like look to the style and place­ment of the vents.

On our shop scale the medium comes in at 1,290 grams, which is pretty im­pres­sive. For ref­er­ence, one of the light­est hel­mets out there is an Airoh, which claims 950 grams as its light­est (XS), and Bell claims 1,450 for the Moto-9 Flex. I wore a large and the fit, to be kind, is weird. I would say it has an oval-ish shape and the crown of the hel­met fit com­fort­ably snug on my oval-ish head, but the cheek pads barely touched my face, which is su­per weird since I have a pretty full face (read: chip­munk cheeks). To con­firm I had the right size I tried on a medium, which is just too tight on the crown and I couldn’t get it on all the way. While hav­ing a lot of room in the face is com­fort­able and makes your ride much cooler, it makes me con­cerned about the hel­met stay­ing in place in the event of a crash, which I didn’t have while wear­ing the Zox.

Ven­ti­la­tion is above av­er­age. The afore­men­tioned face room helps, but the large vents are no­ticed when com­ing to a stop or cruis­ing at low speed. In less ven­ti­lated hel­mets, as soon as you stop you feel heat build in the hel­met, and I think the big tri­an­gu­lar vents in the Zox do a good job of pre­vent­ing that. The vi­sor ad­just­ment is smooth and se­cure, and I like that the main liner is at­tached with just four snaps and doesn’t have to be slid in to any com­pli­cated plas­tic pieces in the front or back.

Over­all, I think this is a cool-look­ing hel­met that per­forms pretty well for less than three bills. I would sug­gest try­ing the hel­mets on, and since they are dis­trib­uted by MTA Dis­tribut­ing, they shouldn’t be hard to find. —Sean Klinger

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