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Over­all, the 2017 Kawasaki KX450F en­gine has a fairly lin­ear power­band. I like that a lot about the bike be­cause it makes it easy to ride due to how pre­dictable the power is. How­ever, if there was one area the power does come on a lit­tle sud­denly and strong, it would be the tran­si­tion from the bot­tomend to the midrange. I be­lieve this is be­cause the stock bike lacks a lit­tle bit of bot­tomend. Ac­cord­ingly, I wanted to get a lit­tle more oomph out of the en­gine in this area, es­pe­cially for deep and loamy cor­ners. To do so, I opted to in­stall an Akrapovic Evo­lu­tion Line full ex­haust sys­tem.

The header pipe and muf­fler are made from ti­ta­nium and the heat shield on the res­onator from car­bon fiber. Swap­ping the stock ex­haust sys­tem for the Evo­lu­tion sys­tem took about 20 min­utes. I torqued all of the bolts to the spec­i­fi­ca­tions pro­vided in the in­stal­la­tion in­struc­tions and in­stalled the springs on the header pipe and the ex­haust flange. Like any full ti­ta­nium ex­haust sys­tem, putting a coat­ing of anti-seize (or grease, in my case) on the rear of the header pipe where it meets the muf­fler is es­sen­tial so the two parts don’t be­come stuck to­gether from heat and then be­come a real chal­lenge to re­move.

Upon start­ing the bike, I im­me­di­ately no­ticed a qui­eter and less raspy-sound­ing ex­haust note, which was a great change. On the track, the pipe made the power­band smoother from bot­tom to top. In­stead of adding bot­tom-end power, the pipe made the en­tire power­band smoother, which made the KX450F a bit eas­ier to ride thanks to the more grad­ual power curve. This was es­pe­cially true later on in the day when the track be­came more dry and hard-packed, as I didn’t have to be as cau­tious with my throt­tle hand for fear of spin­ning the rear wheel.

As for looks, the sys­tem is top ma­te­ri­als and top-qual­ity con­struc­tion. You won’t find a bet­ter-look­ing sys­tem. One mi­nor com­plaint I had is that one of the bolts on the heat shield came out af­ter my first moto test­ing it, so I had to find a spare sim­i­lar bolt to make do for the rest of the day. I made sure to tighten both bolts a lit­tle more snugly than the torque specs to en­sure it didn’t hap­pen again (and it didn’t). The Akrapovic Evo­lu­tion ex­haust sys­tem on the Kawasaki KX450F is an ideal pipe for a rider who is look­ing to gain more user friend­li­ness and ride­abil­ity out their KX450F, who wants their bike to look and sound way bet­ter, and who has the money to buy in at this level of ma­te­ri­als and qual­ity. —An­drew Ol­dar

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