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Other than per­haps Ocd-in­flicted me­chan­ics, not many rid­ers like wash­ing bikes, in­clud­ing me. Any­thing that can make that process quicker and eas­ier I’m all about. That’s why I grabbed Moose’s Foam-it to see what it could do.

Foam-it is a pressurized sprayer that has a pump on top and a noz­zle that sprays foam in a flat fan pat­tern to uni­formly coat your bike with cleaner. Why not just spray cleaner on a bike like usual? Well, I am no physi­cist or sci­en­tist or even that smart, but I can say that foam clings to a bike longer and uses less cleaner than just spray­ing on a thin liq­uid cleaner that will drip off.

First off, Foam-it is easy to use; just pump the top and spray. You do have to pump it up two or three times to get a whole bike cov­ered in foam. The fan spray of the noz­zle makes short work of sat­u­rat­ing a dirty ma­chine. It is also small enough to eas­ily carry around and store al­most any­where.

The down­side is the foam cleaner it­self. While be­ing pretty eco­nomic and eco­log­i­cally sound (no bot­tles to throw away), the Dirt Foam from Moose didn’t have the dirt-strip­ping power I was hop­ing for. Af­ter a fiveminute soak I washed a cou­ple of bikes with­out the pres­sure washer to see how well the cleaner worked. There was still a bit of dirt residue that a pres­sure washer or scrub brush would eas­ily re­move, but the foam alone with a stan­dard hose didn’t cut it. Also, I’m be­ing su­per lazy here but it’s in the name of sci­ence.

The sil­ver lin­ing is that the Foam-it turns any cleaner into foam! That’s right—use whichever trusted bike wash you have handy and foam away.


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