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$44.95 This guard is as sim­ple as it looks. It is a thick piece of slip­pery plas­tic that pro­tects your link­age from ma­li­cious trail nas­ties. This guard can be at­tached to any skid plate, though I at­tached it to an alu­minum En­duro En­gi­neer­ing Skid Plate.

The in­stal­la­tion, to be hon­est, is overly com­pli­cated. There are crush-fas­tener in­serts that are a pain in the butt to get to work. You have to in­sert them into the holes you drill in the skid plate then thread a bolt into them mak­ing them crush, flare out, and fill the hole so the bolt has some­thing se­cure to thread into. I un­der­stand the need to make some­thing that is as uni­ver­sal as this, but since I haven’t used them be­fore, I did it by hand and broke one of the bolts. Grab­bing an elec­tric drill (an im­pact wrench would prob­a­bly work bet­ter) I in­stalled the sec­ond one with less is­sue and the bolt in­tact. The crush in­serts are re­ally the only way to mount up the guard be­cause there is no way to get a wrench on any lock nuts you’d try to use be­cause of where the guard mounts to the skid plate.

Af­ter some trail rides in our usual rid­ing ar­eas I could see some scrapes and gouges in the plas­tic even though I didn’t no­tice hit­ting any­thing with the guard. I’m glad the guard was there to take the hits rather than my link­age. I also find this de­sign more ap­peal­ing than putting a cap of some sort (like other guards) on the link­age it­self be­cause this makes the bot­tom of your bike vir­tu­ally one long skid plate. —Sean Klinger

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