Dirt Rider - - Pro Secret: -

Here we have a pretty fast down­hill with a se­ries of bumps or jumps.

At the very start of this sec­tion is a lit­tle rise with some roots just be­fore it then there is a lit­tle low spot and then a dou­ble jump. If you hit the first jump too fast, it will throw you into the face of the dou­ble jump, so I de­cided to pre-jump off of a root just be­fore the first lit­tle jump, and that al­lows me to get my wheels back on the ground quicker so I can set up for the dou­ble jump.

Just be­fore the first lit­tle rise, or jump, I see a root and I hit it and un­load my weight from the bike and pull the bike up and to me, so I lift the bike over the jump. If you grip the bike with your knees, it helps you to lift the bike up and over the ob­sta­cle. You’re not re­ally get­ting off the ground very high; you’re just try­ing to clear the jump so it doesn’t launch you into the air. I’m only get about 2 inches off the ground here. Once I land, I’m soak­ing up the land­ing and then get­ting ready to launch off the first peak of the dou­ble so I can land on the back­side of the sec­ond one.

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