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Here we have an up­hill with a lot of loose rocks and at the top there’s a small ledge that is at a dif­fer­ent an­gle to the climb. About 10 feet af­ter the first ledge is an­other se­ries of small ledges, so I want to carry my front wheel from the first ledge and over the sec­ond set of ledges.

As I’m com­ing up the hill I’m try­ing to ma­neu­ver through the loose rocks to get lined up so I can hit the first ledge straight on. When I get to the ledge, I want to hit it with the front wheel and then un­load the front end so I can wheelie from the first ledge and over the sec­ond set. I want to make sure that when my rear wheel hits the ledge it doesn’t slam my front wheel down, so I’m keep­ing my weight back so I can keep pres­sure on the rear wheel. This al­lows me to set my front wheel down in a safe spot when I get to the sec­ond set of ledges. I use my clutch to start my wheelie, and then once the front wheel is in the air I use the clutch to keep the front wheel at just the right height.

I’m rid­ing this se­quence in sec­ond gear just be­cause the bike seems to work best in sec­ond in this type of ter­rain. I’m not go­ing flat-out be­cause I need to be able to pick my way through the loose rocks and then set my front wheel down in a nice, flat area once I’ve got­ten over the set of ledges.

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