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Slip­pery creeks are al­ways tricky, es­pe­cially if there is fast-run­ning wa­ter, be­cause if you look down at your front wheel, the run­ning wa­ter can throw off your per­spec­tive. You need to look up ahead so you don’t lose your bal­ance.

This creek trail is slightly up­hill with large, solid rock for­ma­tions. I’m look­ing for lit­tle cracks and crevices in the rock for­ma­tions to use to keep my wheels from slid­ing around. There are a lot of small, 4- to 6-inch ledges in the rock that cre­ate lit­tle drop-offs along the creek, and you want to make sure you al­ways hit those straight on so your wheels don’t de­flect to one side or the other. Even though the creek is rel­a­tively straight, I’m sort of weav­ing back and forth so I can hit those lit­tle wa­ter­falls head on.

For slip­pery creeks, you want to keep good mo­men­tum and a steady throt­tle. I keep a fin­ger on the clutch at all times, and I’m lug­ging the bike just above an idle to keep the rear wheel from spin­ning. Keep your body cen­tered—that way if the rear wheel starts to spin, you can move your weight back and re­gain trac­tion.

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