Dirt Rider - - Pro Secret: -

Here is a down­hill step along some tight sin­gle-track.

As I’m ap­proach­ing the drop I see that it jumps down into some rut­ted sin­gle-track with rocks and roots in it. I want to get the front wheel light a cou­ple of feet be­fore I come off the drop so I don’t nose down into the trail. I’m mov­ing my weight to the rear of the bike just be­fore the drop, while keep­ing my fin­ger on the clutch. I’m also keep­ing a steady throt­tle just in case I need a last-minute blast of throt­tle to keep the front end up.

You want to land with the front end light, and I like to stay on the balls of my feet so I don’t have to worry about my feet catching any­thing.

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