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Go­ing the other di­rec­tion turns this into a pretty nasty, rut­ted-out up­hill trail that leads into about a 3-foot of­f­cam­ber ledge that you have to step up. As I’m com­ing up the sin­gle-track I’m look­ing ahead to see where I need to be to get over the big ledge. I want to be square with it, so to line up for it I sweep out of the rut a lit­tle bit to the left.

As I get closer to the ledge I see a small rock just be­fore it that I can hit and kind of lighten the bike to help me launch up onto the ledge. So I hit my front wheel on the lit­tle rock and lift the front end, and then I un­weight the bike when my rear wheel hits the small rock. I hit the ledge lightly with the front wheel to kick it up and keep the skid plate from hit­ting, and then the rear wheel hits the ledge.

This hill is too steep to al­low you to get off the throt­tle and coast over the ledge, so you need to keep the gas on all the way through, and I use the clutch to keep the rear wheel from spin­ning when it is go­ing over the top. As the bike is go­ing over the ledge, you want to tran­si­tion your body from be­ing rear­ward to be­ing up over the front of the bike to help you carry the rear end over the ledge.

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