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Ready to get started right now? Make a loom from a piece of card­board. Gather your ma­te­ri­als: straight­edge, crafts knife, dou­ble-strength card­board or two sin­gle-strength pieces glued to­gether, ruler or tape mea­sure, pen­cil, glue. Cut the card­board to 13 13×9¼ inches. Cut two strips of card­board to 3∕4 3∕4×9¼ inches. Glue each of the 3∕4-inch strips ¾ inch in from each short end of the large rect­an­gle. Mark ev­ery ¼ inch along the edges of each short end of the large rect­an­gle. Cut the out­side edges at ev­ery ¼-inch mark, stop­ping at the edge of the glue­don ¾ inch strip. The strips are on the front of the loom and hold warp away from the card­board to make it eas­ier to weave the weft yarns.

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