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The founder of Lit­tle Green Note­book gives us a les­son on im­prov­ing a bed­room ba­sic.

Why spend the ex­tra money on an up­hol­stered bed frame when you can make one your­self with your cur­rent head­board? Take ad­van­tage of your box spring's sturdy wooden frame and make an easy up­hol­stered bed base with only a few yards of fab­ric and four fur­ni­ture legs.


• Box spring • 2½ yards fab­ric • Scis­sors • Sta­ple gun • Sta­ples • 4 fur­ni­ture legs • Drill • 8 dry­wall screws

(1⅝ inches) 1 1 Re­move the plas­tic cor­ner guards and the black un­der­lin­ing from your box spring. If your box spring feels a lit­tle flimsy, you can choose to re­in­force the cor­ners with a piece of two-by-four. 2 Cut a four-inch strip of fab­ric a few inches longer than the height of your box spring and sta­ple the strip tight against the out­side cor­ners on both the top and the bot­tom of the box spring. 3 4 Cut a long strip of fab­ric a few At­tach your inches wider than the length of fur­ni­ture legs to your box spring. To make a clean line, the cor­ners of your sta­ple your fab­ric to the top of your box spring us­ing a drill box spring up­side down and wrong and 1⅝-inch dry­wall side up. Then roll the fab­ric back to screws. The L-shaped cover up your sta­ples and at­tach the base of hair­pin legs fab­ric to the un­der­side of the box works really well for spring. Cre­ate crisp cor­ners by rolling this project! in the edges be­fore sta­pling.

Pho­to­graphs by KATE LINES text by JENNY KOMENDA

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