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WHEN MANY EN­THU­SI­ASTS DAY­DREAM ABOUT WHEEL­ING A DRAG CAR, VI­SIONS OF PRO MODS OR FUNNY CARS SWIRL IN THEIR HEAD. Yet, some rac­ers find suc­cess with a lot less horse­power and smaller bud­gets than peo­ple might think. Greg Viscome of Min­neapo­lis might be one of those guys with this M/Stock Au­to­matic Fox-body Mus­tang.

Strip off the let­ter­ing, bolt on some stock muf­flers and wheels and this would eas­ily pass for any other Mus­tang you might see at a lo­cal cruise-in. The name Vindi­ca­tor over the rear wheel well shows this car goes out look­ing for jus­tice, while a tiny “47” in the let­ter­ing shows this is but one in a long line of fam­ily race cars.

Greg’s grand­fa­ther was a racer, and his fa­ther, Drake, was one of the orig­i­nal Ford Thun­der­bolt Su­per Stock driv­ers back in 1964. A long pro­ces­sion of other Fords fol­lowed, in­clud­ing Su­per Stock­ers, an

A/FX ma­chine, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Su­per Gas and more. Greg him­self has raced sev­eral cars with his dad, but this has be­come his fa­vorite.

Classed in NHRA M/Stock Au­to­matic and IHRA G/FIA, Greg’s Mus­tang runs a very stock 5.0L en­gine. To stay within class rules, min­i­mal work was done in­side the en­gine. On the out­side, Greg went to solid en­gine mounts, an elec­tric fan, slightly larger than stock 24 lb-hr in­jec­tors, Stahl head­ers, and he dumped the emis­sions equip­ment.

The trick stuff can be found within the car’s trans­mis­sion and sus­pen­sion. Greg runs a light­weight C4 tranny ben­e­fit­ting from ex­pert work by Joel’s on Joy in South Lyon, Min­nesota, and Brewer’s Au­to­mo­tive in Ben­nett, North Carolina. Greg usu­ally launches the car at 3,000 rpm and shifts at 5,800 in run­ning the 1/8-mile.

The sus­pen­sion uses Strange struts on the front with QA-1 shocks and Max­i­mum Mo­tor­sports up­per/lower con­trol arms on the rear. Sub-frame con­nec­tors and a roll bar help re­move body flex while also pro­vid­ing nec­es­sary pro­tec­tion. The beefed-up stock rearend runs a 5.13 gear. Weld Mag­nums shod with Hoosier rub­ber makes up the rolling stock.

Passersby at his pit al­ways have ques­tions and com­ments re­gard­ing how hard the car launches, which Greg at­tributes to the tall first gear in the tranny, four­cylin­der springs and care­ful shock tun­ing. With a race weight of 3,180 pounds, he’s recorded a 12.09/106 mph in the quar­ter and a 7.60/88 mph in the eighth.

While oth­ers may foot­brake or bracket race,

Greg has found that class rac­ing in the Carolina

Class Racer As­so­ci­a­tion and IHRA pro­vides an at­mos­phere blend­ing se­ri­ous com­pe­ti­tion with ca­ma­raderie and fun, with­out break­ing the bank. Fo­cus­ing on two­day events with sep­a­rate elim­i­na­tions each day helps re­duce travel ex­penses, while 1/8-mile events help ex­tend the life of some parts. It also pro­vides mean­ing­ful fam­ily time with his dad, mom Laura and twin brother Drake.

Many chas­sis and en­gine builders might be dis­ap­pointed by all of the things Greg doesn’t need to go rac­ing at this level, but mak­ing a lit­tle trou­ble can some­times be a lot of fun.

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