It is the time of year to spring for­ward with va­ca­tion plans, week­end get­aways and fun eat­ing

DREAM TEEN Magazine - - Editor’s notes - By Tar­ran Carter DREAM TEEN Mag­a­zine 4-2016

What’s most im­por­tant is that we eat with a mind-set to con­sume the proper nu­tri­ents for our body. This will help us to stay fo­cused dur­ing the hot months as well as stay healthy. We have read a plethora of ar­ti­cles telling us to drink plenty of wa­ter to keep us hy­drated and get plenty of rest. Th­ese all are very im­por­tant. It is just as im­por­tant to stay away from pro­cessed food. They con­tain a lot of sodium and ad­di­tives that over­time harm to our bod­ies.

In an ar­ti­cle on page 42, I talk about the school lunches our chil­dren in the USA are given. 90% of the lunches are pro­cessed foods: canned fruit, pre­cooked meat and boxed starch. What will this do over­time to our chil­dren? Other coun­tries, such as Italy, chooses their menu op­tions from the lo­cal farms and is cooked in the school kitchens.

I am dis­ap­pointed with what we feed our chil­dren and I have ques­tions for our gov­ern­ment. Do we care about our fu­ture, or is the US dol­lar more im­por­tant? What is the lunch menu in the af­flu­ent com­mu­ni­ties? What can we do in our schools to change th­ese harm­ful menus?

Michelle has done much to im­prove our chil­dren’s lunches; how­ever, still much has to be done for health­ier di­ets. Par­ents have to be cog­nizant of what their chil­dren are eat­ing. A healthy diet is a great source for brain growth and op­ti­mal learn­ing.

Think smart this sum­mer.

• Buy fresh or­ganic fruit. If your bud­get won’t al­low it, try soak­ing your fruit in a cup of cider vine­gar in a sink full of wa­ter for 30 min­utes.

• Drink smooth­ies with fresh veg­eta­bles or fruit. Smooth­ies tend to be bet­ter than juice as you are able to ob­tain all of the nu­tri­ents.

• Buy meats that don’t have steroids or are in­jected with-chem­i­cals. Also, eat more poul­try and fish rather than red meat.

• De­fused wa­ter is also great. It helps to elim­i­nate the craving for candy. Th­ese are just a few sug­ges­tions to stay healthy this sum­mer.

We have so much in­for­ma­tion at a click of a but­ton. Read up on healthy eat­ing and talk with your doc­tor or nu­tri­tion­ist. A healthy diet could ex­tend your life and elim­i­nate med­i­ca­tions that you may have to take in the fu­ture if you don’t pay at­ten­tion to your diet to­day. D

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