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Don’t let life’s dis­rup­tions de­rail your dreams - Jeanine DeHoney

Thanks to your de­ter­mi­na­tion, dis­ci­pline and faith, ev­ery­thing is go­ing as in­tended in your life. Your grades are on point, you aced that audition, track or swim­ming meet, or got that in­tern­ship of your dreams. But then like a set of domi­noes pur­posely knocked down, some­thing hap­pens to throw you off course. Your life has sud­denly been “dis­rupted.” Life’s dis­rup­tions can be due to a per­sonal, fam­ily, fi­nan­cial cri­sis or loss. All are un­set­tling and can leave you feel­ing hope­less and dispir­ited. Dur­ing life’s dis­rup­tions it’s easy to get dis­cour­aged and dis­tracted from your goals as you deal with a range of emo­tions. Although your cir­cum­stances may cause you to ask, “Why did this hap­pen to me or why now at this time in my life when my light is shin­ing?” You can’t al­low your­self to be­come un­hinged and linger in a state of sad­ness, anger, grief or frus­tra­tion in­def­i­nitely. Life’s dis­rup­tions are un­avoid­able. You have to keep your­self afloat in spite of th­ese un­wel­comed mo­ments that sting you emo­tion­ally. You have to know you are woven with strong threads that can with­stand the yanks and pulls in life; that when your life gets dis­rupted, you gain gems of wisdom and growth even in your loss and set­backs. There is an in­spi­ra­tional quote that says, “A set­back is a setup for a comeback.” This is an em­pow­er­ing quote to re­mem­ber when you are fac­ing a life dis­rup­tion, along with the fol­low­ing tips. Re­flect: Set time aside time dur­ing a quiet part of your day to re­flect on your dilemma. Was there any­thing you could have done to pre­vent it, and if not, what have you learned by go­ing through it? What is your take­away? What has humbled you? What in­sights have you gained about your strength and virtues? Re­group: Re­group­ing is Part Two of re­flec­tion. Now that you have re­flected on your prob­lem, what can you do to re­gain your faith and con­fi­dence back? Maybe you can write down a new agenda or strat­egy to ac­com­plish your goals for each day as you press for­ward; no mat­ter how minis­cule they are un­til your emo­tions are less scat­tered. Your agenda may even be to just add more laugh­ter in your life by watch­ing your fa­vorite co­me­dian or to spend time with a good friend. Prac­tice self- care: Hav­ing so much on your plate can leave you anx­ious as it is but, when you’re fac­ing other fears or un­cer­tain­ties it can truly be detri­men­tal to you. When your life has been dis­rupted, make sure you prac­tice self- care, phys­i­cally, emo­tion­ally, and spir­i­tu­ally. Eat nu­tri­tious foods and cut out sug­ary drinks and re­plen­ish your­self with wa­ter…, lots of it. Don’t close your­self off from the world or oth­ers. Seek the com­pany of sup­port­ive friends, fam­ily mem­bers or mentors to talk to. See the rain­bow at the end of the tun­nel. Your emo­tions are of­ten foggy when your life gets dis­rupted by a dis­heart­en­ing cir­cum­stance. What you must hold onto though, is the fact that there is a light at the end of the tun­nel. You will see that light each time no mat­ter what you go through. Help some­one else: Share your story, ex­pe­ri­ence and lessons with some­one else. It is not only ther­a­peu­tic for your soul as you move for­ward; it can help lessen some­one else’s bur­den. Live op­ti­misti­cally: Don’t let life’s dis­rup­tions cause you to live with a spirit of hope­less­ness, not fully cel­e­brat­ing your suc­cesses be­cause you fear that some­thing bad will hap­pen. Try to live in to­tal joy, peace and ex­pec­ta­tion. Live a life that ex­pects the best know­ing you de­serve the best.

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