Wel­come to LEGENDTOPIA, where fan­tasy meets re­al­ity in a new se­ries from the au­thor of JOSHUA DREAD! Two kids--Kara, a girl from our world, and Prince Fred, a royal boy from the king­dom of Held­stone--join forces to save Urth.

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Have you ever been on a school trip that went to­tally, epi­cally wrong? That’s what hap­pens when Kara vis­its Legendtopia, a fan­tasy-theme restau­rant with her class. She’s just try­ing to re­trieve her prized neck­lace when she stum­bles through a small wooden door and into a mag­i­cal world where dragons breathe fire and an evil sor­cer­ess is out to get her! Luck­ily, Prince Fred is ready to be at Kara’s ser­vice. He’s des­per­ate for some­one in the king­dom of Held­stone to rec­og­nize his brav­ery—and he knows ex­actly how to han­dle ogres and elves. But he’s clue­less when it comes to Urth, a mys­ti­cal and thrilling place with cars and cell phones. That’s ex­actly where he ends up when he fol­lows Kara back through the door. And he’s not the only one af­ter Kara. Magic is spread­ing. A dark king­dom is ris­ing. And the fate of not one, but two worlds rests in Kara’s and Fred’s hands.

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