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Bev­erly Robin­son

A win­ter’s story Its weather rep­re­sents cold But to the one in this cli­mate It’s where God’s glory un­folds For in this cli­mate, there can be storms and wind The re­sults of this can be seen over, and over again A win­ter’s story It’s where chil­dren play in snow And coats, boots, hats, and gloves Are what they wear to go Into a world of make be­lieve As they at this time of life Have all that they need For they are taken well care of By par­ents who re­ally care About the cir­cum­stances of a child Who needs su­per­vi­sion to be there A win­ter’s story It be­gins and ends with love Where joy for a child, is what Je­sus Christ thinks of And just in case you missed the fun A win­ter’s story has now be­gun By Dr. Bev­erly Robin­son October 2016 DREAM TEEN Mag­a­zine

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