Some­times you just can­not get to the salon, or maybe you want to save a few dol­lars. Here are tips on how to do it your­self and look like you went to the pro­fes­sion­als.

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Gather your tools. Be sure to have the fol­low­ing ready to go: * Nail-pol­ish re­mover and cot­ton swabs or pads. * Nail clip­pers, if your nails need a trim be­fore you pol­ish. * Emery board and nail buf­fer. * Cu­ti­cle pusher and nip­pers. * Cal­lous/cu­ti­cle re­mover. * Hand/nail mois­tur­izer. * Base coat. * Nail pol­ish. * Clear top­coat. Step 1. Re­move any pre­vi­ously ap­plied nail pol­ish. To get the job done quicker, use an ace­tone-based nail-pol­ish re­mover. Be­cause it has a dry­ing ef­fect on nails and cu­ti­cles, it’s im­por­tant to min­i­mize con­tact with any nail-pol­ish re­mover for the well-be­ing of your nails and cu­ti­cles; (don’t soak your nails in it un­less you are re­mov­ing a gel-based pol­ish). Step 2. Use a gen­tle abra­sive emery board to shape nails. Clip the nails, if nec­es­sary. It is best to slightly round the nail or shape into a squarerounded edge. Smooth the tops and sides of the nails with a slightly abra­sive buf­fer to en­sure an even sur­face, but don’t for­get, if you buff the nails too smooth, the pol­ish won’t ad­here as well and can lit­er­ally slip right off. A great tool is the nail buf­fers from Revlon, Tweez­er­man, and Ulta’s store brand. Step 3. Soak your hands in a bowl of warm wa­ter for 3 min­utes. Add a bit of your gen­tle face cleanser to the wa­ter. Do not over-soak, this can dam­age skin and nails. Step 4. Ap­ply cal­lous/ cu­ti­cle re­mover to cut away the thick­ened skin around the nail. Try us­ing “The Nat­u­ral Cu­ti­cle Elim­i­na­tor.” Let it sit for a sec­ond and watch it work won­ders. Step 5. Us­ing a cu­ti­cle or­ange stick to gently push the cu­ti­cle back away from the nail; don’t push it too far be­cause it can dam­age nail growth or fray the cu­ti­cles. You never want to dam­age the cu­ti­cle so do not pull, lift, tear, rip, force, or cut into the cu­ti­cle in any way. The cu­ti­cle helps pro­tect the nail bed from bac­te­ria and dam­age. Step 6. Choose rich cream to mas­sage the cu­ti­cles and all over the hands to hy­drate and re­plen­ish skin. Try Paula’s Choice brush-on Cu­ti­cle & Nail Treat­ment for a spa-like fin­ish, or mas­sage Paula’s Choice Clin­i­cal Ul­traRich Sooth­ing Body But­ter over hands and nails. Step 7. Now its time to re­move mois­tur­iz­ing in­gre­di­ents left on the nail, which will pre­vent pol­ish from ad­her­ing prop­erly. If you use cu­ti­cle oil, you can wash hands, or use a cot­ton swab or pad, ap­ply nail-pol­ish re­mover over the nail’s sur­face to re­move any residue. Step 8. Use a base coat first. Chose your fa­vorite color and paint nails in lay­ers. Al­low­ing each layer to dry be­tween coats. Two coats of color pol­ish, fol­lowed by a clear top­coat to add gloss should do the trick. If this is your first time, try us­ing a light or dark color de­pend­ing on skin tone, mis­takes wont be as no­tice­able. Clean around nails by plac­ing a lit­tle cot­ton around the tip of an or­ange stick and lightly go­ing around cu­ti­cle to clean away nail color. Step 9. Be pa­tient, it takes times for your nails to dry. You can put a fresh coat of clear dur­ing the week if you need to. Tips to dry­ing nails: A fan, blow dryer, air con­di­tioner. If you are go­ing for a drive, put hands slightly out the win­dow. This will help them to dry faster. Don’t put your hands too close to the fan; the pol­ish could bub­ble. 10. Touch lightly to see if dry. When dry, add mois­tur­izer and you are done.

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