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Idon’t want any­one read­ing this to get the idea that I step into the stir­rup iron, pick up the reins and my horse goes im­me­di­ately, beau­ti­fully onto the aids and, from his first step, looks ready for a First Level class this week­end. For safety con­cerns, I do be­gin our walk work, es­sen­tially trav­el­ing around the perime­ter of the arena, with changes of rein and the oc­ca­sional 20-me­ter cir­cle on a steady con­tact in case a deer or stray pit bull (this is South Carolina, folks) comes bolt­ing out of the woods. “So many Americans get hurt on their horses be­cause they do not ride the horse on the aids!” a Euro­pean trainer com­mented, a cou­ple of years ago, at a lo­cal clinic.

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