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If there’s one thing Garfield taught us, it’s that cats love gorg­ing on lasagna and sleep­ing their days away. But have Amer­i­cans taken the hi­lar­i­ous fe­line’s food fan­cies too se­ri­ously? Maybe. New re­search from the As­so­ci­a­tion for Pet Obe­sity Preven­tion shows a rise in pudgy pooches and fat cats. Worse, 90 per­cent of cat own­ers and 95 per­cent of dog own­ers in­cor­rectly iden­ti­fied their obese an­i­mals as nor­mal weight. What can we do about this phe­nom­e­non? Take care of our pets’ di­etary needs as we would our own. Check out this chart sug­gest­ing caloric in­take for an­i­mals based on their weight— how­ever, make sure you ask your vet­eri­nar­ian be­fore mak­ing any changes to your an­i­mal’s diet.

CATS 10 lbs. / 180 to 200 calo­ries

DOGS 10 lbs. / 200 to 275 calo­ries 20 lbs. / 325 to 400 calo­ries 50 lbs. / 700 to 900 calo­ries

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