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WHAT IT DOES: Crit­i­cal for mem­ory, such as rec­ol­lec­tion of events, names, and num­bers, and af­fects our abil­ity to learn and our pro­cess­ing speed

SIGNS OF DE­FI­CIENCY: For­get­ful­ness (where you parked your car, placed your keys, what your phone num­ber is), para­noia, loss of cre­ativ­ity, and de­sire to be alone (com­mon in low-fat di­ets)

DE­FI­CIENCY CAN TRIG­GER: Crav­ings for fatty foods such as ice cream, cheese­cake, and fried foods

FOODS THAT BOOST LEV­ELS: Healthy fats, cholinecon­tain­ing foods such as eggs, beef liver, cau­li­flower, and lacto-fer­mented veg­eta­bles

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