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WHAT IT DOES: Helps con­trol the brain’s re­ward and plea­sure cen­ters. Dopamine also reg­u­lates move­ment and emo­tional re­sponses, and en­ables us not only to an­tic­i­pate re­wards, but to take nec­es­sary steps to move to­wards them

SIGNS OF DE­FI­CIENCY: In­abil­ity to con­cen­trate, obe­sity, fa­tigue, low li­bido, and de­pres­sion (com­mon in low-protein di­ets)

DE­FI­CIENCY CAN TRIG­GER: Crav­ings for al­co­hol, caf­feine, sugar, or cho­co­late

FOODS THAT BOOST LEV­ELS: Foods high in ty­ro­sine, such as dairy, al­monds, av­o­cado, pump­kin and sesame seeds, and an­i­mal protein

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