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To the Edi­tor:

What on earth is the mat­ter with the pow­ers that run the city? Ev­ery time you get the pa­per there is some­thing on the front page about spend­ing money. First, it was a de­funct old build­ing, now it's new vot­ing ma­chines. What's the mat­ter with the ones we have now? They can't be worn out, we don't have to use them enough. They may be old in years, but not in us­age. There's al­ways an of­fi­cial stand­ing by when you vote so the ma­chine can't be abused. Are we try­ing to keep up with the Jone­ses? Let's get this MAD busi­ness done with, then think about it.

Thelma Novick El Do­rado

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